Trail Conditions Report for 1-25-19

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The rain has come and gone. We probably lost some snow but there is still plenty to groom with. Need colder temperatures and a little fresh snow to get back to excellent. Forecast for next two weeks looks good. There may be some water hazards, please watch for them. This is Stinson Mtn. Trail at 6am.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-17-19

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The Bruhawachet Sno Trackers are excited to offer a new section of trail know as Eagle Point View Trail. This short trail brings riders to a panoramic view of Stinson Lake unlike any viewing location in the Stinson Lake Bowl. It is located off Eagle Cliff Trail. In Addition, Eagle Cliff Trail has reopened after two years of closure due … Read More

Trail Conditions Report for 1-10-19

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The Stinson Lake area received 12 inches of snow in 48 hours this week. Our trails are in great shape and it should be a great weekend to ride. Today our trail crew went out to check the trails and were rewarded with first tracks in 12 inches of powder on Mt Kineo Trail.

Trail Conditions Report for 01-02-19

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HAPPY NEW YEARS FROM BRUHAWACHET SNO TRACKERS. The recent snow and rain events have provided a good base with the cold temperatures this week. The hard base is great for the trails early in the season, We plan to be fully open this weekend and grooming is ongoing. Thanks to the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails Grant In Aid, the … Read More

Final Trail Conditions Report 3-29-18


Well our winter trail riding season officially ends Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. (No joke) Our trails will be closed April 2 and gates will be closing the same time. This year our trails were open for 15 continous weeks. We used all our grooming allocations and continued to groom without reimbursement. Special thanks to all the groomers and anyone … Read More

Trail Conditions Report for 3-22-18

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Our Trails are in excellent condition but spring is here. We have groomed all our trails for one more weekend of riding. Stinson mountain is in the best condition of the year. We hope you can get out and enjoy it before it melts away. It has been a another good season. Thanks for your support.

Trail Conditions Report for 3-15-18

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This week we recieved 6 to 10 inches of fresh snow from wed. storm. Still plenty of snow in the higher elevations. Expect spring conditions as temperatures increase. We have used up our grooming budget for the season.  But will continue to groom as needed.

Trail Conditions Report for 2-23-18

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News is not great for our trails but more snow is expected this weekend. The trails have 80 % snow cover, 15 % ice and 5% dirt. Moderate springlike conditions. Groomers are working. These pictures are the worst areas.