Trail Conditions Report for 3-9-17


The groomer went out to check trails today and groomed for 5 hours. Trails are as follows:
  • North Trail good except for several deep waterbars and open wet areas.
  • Stinson Lake Road good but icy.
  • Quick Lunch good. Some rocks showing.
  • Mead Swamp Trail good except the southern slopes have very little snow. Most of trail is smooth and covered.
  • Wheatons Trail Good.
  • Watts Trail fair with thin cover and dirt.
  • South Trail good.
  • Stinson Mountain poor. Icy at top.
  • Three Ponds, Kineo and Brown Brook are probably good but watch for trees down.
If we do not get snow this week (some is predicted) the trails will close March 15.

Trail Conditions Report for 3-2-17

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Mother Nature has not been kind to us over the last couple weeks. Warm temps then rain and now cold temps has opened up water bars and provided icy trails. Bruhawachet trails were checked today and found that 30% of our trails are SOLID ICE. It is not recommended that you ride this weekend. Although we have a solid smooth base it is unsafe. 


Trail Conditions Report for 2-24-17

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Warm temperatures and rain have severely impacted our trail system. Riding is fair with icy spots and water hazards on the trail.
No grooming until the temps get colder.
Use extreme caution if you ride.

Trail Conditions Report for 2-16-17


We have received 2 feet of snow in the last 10 days. Excellent riding throughout our region. Just in time for winter vacations, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Trail Conditions Report for 2-9-17

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The Bruhawachet Sno Tracker Trails got 6-8 inches of snow this week with two storms. All our trails are being groomed now including most of the small trails. Stinson Mountain Trail was groomed twice today to cut all the bumps and fill low spots. Great riding throughout our region including all the surrounding club trails.

Trail Conditions Report for 2-2-17

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warming hut
On Wednesday our area got 3-4 inches of fluffy light snow. Temps are expected to remain seasonally cold for a while. The trails are in the best shape of this season (Packed and Groomed).  This weekend is shaping up to be a great one.
The grooming crew hopes to see everyone at the Warming Hut on Saturday for the cookout.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-27-17

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This week’s storm left 1-3 inches of packed snow and sleet; the warm weather has softened up the trail base. Riding is still good but the colder temps are needed before the groomers go out. Groomers will be out Friday.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-19-17

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Our trail groomers met these folks enjoying the groomed trails this week.
Trails are in good shape this weekend. The 3-4 inches of fresh snow will help cover the icy spots. Temperature forecast for the weekend is warm. So get out and enjoy.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-13-17

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Although the rain and warm temps did not wipe out our trail base, they certainly left icy conditions throughout the area.

If you venture out use EXTREME CAUTION. Watch your engine temp and sliders as not much loose snow is available. Our trails are flat.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-5-17



The trails have held up well with some warm weather and rain this week. The forecasted cold weather will harden up the trails but some icy spots may exist. Most of our trails are groomed two to three times weekly now.

Stinson Mountain Trail is still rough. Use Caution.