Trail Conditions Report 1-23-2020


First and foremost a special THANK YOU to Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club for lending us their spare drag for the remainder of this season to allow us to groom with our BR 180. (see below) We have good to excellent riding on 90 percent of our system. Grooming is ongoing as temperatures allow. Eagle Cliff Trail is open but not groomed. Please be aware that there are stumps and hazards on sections of that trail. Hope you can enjoy the trails before Saturday nights expected rain.

Trail Condidtions Report 1-16-2020


We received 8 to 10 inches of snow Thursday and this is what we needed to get back to good conditions. The trails have running water and open waterbars from last weekends rain. Trails are open but use caution. With the predicted cold weather and more snow this weekend, grooming will resume Monday. A special thanks to Jeff, Guy and Joe for their generous donation of a new gas caddy. Thank you.

Trail Conditions Report 1-9-20


We received 3-5 inches of new snow this week and the crews worked hard to get our trails flat filling waterbars and grooming as weather permitted. We are about 90 % open with good riding. We are hoping that the rain and warm weather doesn’t melt away to much snow but will evaluate that on Monday. If you can get out and ride tomorrow it will be great. Groomer opened up Eagle Point today.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-2-2020

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Our trails are officially open, We received 8 to 10 inches of dense snow which is great for our early season trail base. Today gates were opened and volunteers rode the trails ahead of the groomers which spent most of today packing and grooming our trails. Conditions are good but hazards can be encountered, Water bars, wet areas and debris still exist on some trails. Stinson Lake is not safe. Eagle Cliff Trail has not been inspected and Stinson Mountain Trail has not yet been groomed.

Last Trail Conditions Report 4-4-19

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Melting snow, mud season and boiling sap are all indications that this great season is coming to an end. Our trails will remain open until Midnight Sunday April 7, 2019. Please use caution for spring riding conditions. Gates will be closing beginning Monday April 8, 2019.

Trail Conditions Report for 3-29-19

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Our trails were groomed on Monday night and Tuesday. Conditions are good with still lots of snow. The strong sun and warm temps will eventually end our season. Perhaps one more week.

Work Party planned for saturday on Three Ponds Trail is still happening.

Bill the groomer guy enjoying a spring ride and sun.

A spring ride across Stinson Lake.

Trail Conditions Report for 3-22-19

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Trails were groomed early this week. Expect spring conditions and hazards to develop as wet areas begin to open. We used up our grooming budget this week but if temps allow there will be some more grooming.

Our machines are ready for some R and R.

Trail Conditions Report for 3-15-19

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Spring conditions are beginning to appear as the warm temperatures soften up the trail base. We groomed early this week when temperatures allowed. Trails are excellent but use caution as some water bars may open after Friday. We have a ton of snow so theres plenty for the groomers to work with. The problem is bumps form easier.

Here’s a picture of how much snow we have on our trails. This is a small bridge on our trail system.

Trail Conditions Report for 3-1-19

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Its March and conditions are excellent. Several inches of snow this week. Groomers are working hard to keep the trails smooth.

Did you know that the Bruhawachet Trail System is about 75 percent on USDA Land. Every winter I spend an afternoon reviewing the trails on White Mountain National Forest Land with their representative. This is Jody Chinchen Matz Distrct Trails Manager.
She was willing to lend a hand removing blowdowns during our trails review.
Thanks Jody.