Trail Conditions Report for 3-15-19

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Spring conditions are beginning to appear as the warm temperatures soften up the trail base. We groomed early this week when temperatures allowed. Trails are excellent but use caution as some water bars may open after Friday. We have a ton of snow so theres plenty for the groomers to work with. The problem is bumps form easier.

Here’s a picture of how much snow we have on our trails. This is a small bridge on our trail system.

Trail Conditions Report for 3-1-19

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Its March and conditions are excellent. Several inches of snow this week. Groomers are working hard to keep the trails smooth.

Did you know that the Bruhawachet Trail System is about 75 percent on USDA Land. Every winter I spend an afternoon reviewing the trails on White Mountain National Forest Land with their representative. This is Jody Chinchen Matz Distrct Trails Manager.
She was willing to lend a hand removing blowdowns during our trails review.
Thanks Jody.

Trail Conditions Report for 2-21-19

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All trails are in excellent shape. Plenty of snow and cold temps.
Should be another great weekend to ride our trails.

A group enjoying a Happy 50th Birthday Ride on the Bruhawachet Sno Trackers Trails.

Trail Conditions Report for 2-15-19

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Trails are groomed and in excellent shape. We received 6-8 inches of fresh snow tuesday. All surrounding clubs are working hard to keep this peak season riding great.
This picture was taken on Kineo Trail.

Trails Condition Report for 2-8-19

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This week’s warm temperatures has caused some ice and dirt to show on lower elevations. The snow pack on higher elevations has held up well. Very little grooming took place this week. Our trails are still flat and should be good once the cold temps return Friday night.

Heres a pic of some riders at Healy Rock.
Healy Rock is another stop along our trails which will be reopened soon.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-31-19

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We received 9 inches of new snow this week. All our trails were packed and groomed this week. Riding is excellent. Check out our 50th Anniversary Banner near the summit of Stinson Mtn. Thank you for your support.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-25-19

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The rain has come and gone. We probably lost some snow but there is still plenty to groom with. Need colder temperatures and a little fresh snow to get back to excellent. Forecast for next two weeks looks good. There may be some water hazards, please watch for them. This is Stinson Mtn. Trail at 6am.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-17-19

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The Bruhawachet Sno Trackers are excited to offer a new section of trail know as Eagle Point View Trail. This short trail brings riders to a panoramic view of Stinson Lake unlike any viewing location in the Stinson Lake Bowl. It is located off Eagle Cliff Trail. In Addition, Eagle Cliff
Trail has reopened after two years of closure due to logging; In addition various property owners gave approval for excavation work on Eagle Cliff Trail. Today the new combination of trails were groomed from end to end. Check it out and tell us what you think. All our trails are in excellent shape for the weekend. The combination of cold and snow provides us with great grooming abilities. With another 12 to 20 inches of snow expected Sunday, we should be in great shape. Hope to see you on the trails.

Trail Conditions Report for 1-10-19

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The Stinson Lake area received 12 inches of snow in 48 hours this week. Our trails are in great shape and it should be a great weekend to ride. Today our trail crew went out to check the trails and were rewarded with first tracks in 12 inches of powder on Mt Kineo Trail.